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“Reckoning Day: #MeToo Stories That Inspire You” by Dawn Jamison shares compelling stories from 20 survivors who break their silence about sexism, sexual harassment and abuse amid this historic and liberating movement. Oprah Winfrey said it best: “Speaking your truth is the most powerful tool we all have… And for too long, women have not been heard or believed.” The book’s moving accounts point to the abuse of power and the real impact it has had on its victims. The stories will passionately touch every reader.  

"The 8 Mistakes Women Make"

Author Dawn Jamison asks women: Do you want to know what’s holding you back from a breakthrough? If so, this
self-help book is for you as the book does a deep dive into common mistakes such as  making comparisons to other women and thinking too small when it comes to goals. 

          This refreshingly honest self-help book: 
• Outlines how to remove the obstacles in your way
• Includes 10 worksheets to help you recall

   and apply what you read
• Unpacks over 9 ways you are wasting your time

Includes short exercises, resourceful websites and much more! 

“The 8 Mistakes Women Make”

The self-help book inspires women to make better decisions and provides practical advice in each chapter.

Meet My Foreword Writer

Lavelle Smith Hall is a best-selling author, host and storyteller with an uncanny ability to express thought-provoking truths. From books to podcasts, live events and speaking engagements, Lavelle feeds women around the world with jaw-dropping content. Her first book, MY BAD: A reading series by LSH chronicles 18 characters through seductive stories and perspectives. Her weekly podcast, TALKIN' SH*T w/LSH empowers every day women to embrace who she is, the way she is, no matter where she is in life.  In 2018, Lavelle will release her second book, LIFE SPLATTERS: a reading series by LSH. A native New Yorker, Lavelle holds an undergraduate degree from Clark Atlanta University, and a Masters in Fine Arts in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University. She is the mother of Alec and Braelyn, and a dog named Miley.

LSH: www.lshbooks.com~ YouTube @unLSHthebaddie

“The 8 Mistakes Women Make” Features ...

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