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Welcome, Passionate People, to my “Living on Purpose” Blog! Do you know how many times I’ve said I am going to CONSISTENTLY commit to keeping up a blog? And I never do. Well, this time is different. It’s 2018 and I am Doing Something Different this year. I’m making a concerted effort to follow through on the tasks I’m most passionate about accomplishing.  A little about me, I’m an author, certified life coach and journalist for almost 20 years now. I’m passionate about helping women reach their dreams and getting unstuck when they feel hopeless. Beyond that, I’m a mother, wife, sister and friend to some amazing women. I am very blessed to have friends that have pushed me to pursue my dreams!  And likewise, it has always been my dream to inspire and connect with women around the world to give them that extra push of encouragement when the need it as well. I may get off topic, but ultimately, I am always going to bring my message back to purposeful living. It’s January 2018 and I am FINALLY sticking to my commitment to kick off my blog. It’s crazy to think that on my last count I’ve written about 220 blogs for my former employer, yet it’s taken a whole year for me to sit down and pen this!? 

 I’m going to continue sharing my shortcomings in hopes that it motivates you not to follow my lead.) If you just Google search my name, you’ll quickly see that I’ve written about a ton of things (both interesting and really not interesting). This includes to How to Start House Hunting, Winterizing Your Car, and the Benefits of Installing a Green Roof. And through all of that writing, I was never fulling satisfied because I really wanted to get around to writing about passion and purpose. So, here I go! So, what are your personal and professional goals for 2018? And how are you going to accomplish them? For me, a big goal was to finally complete my motivational book, “The 8 Mistakes Women Make,” which only took three years, yall! Sigh. The motivational, self-help book will be published in late April (By the way, it’s available for pre-order on ebook right now on Amazon so check it out.) I have to admit, it felt GOOD to cross that baby off of my list. But in the process, I discovered something. Momentum. Miraculously after completing those 10 chapters, I started getting juiced up. Suddenly, I was ready to roll my sleeves up and tackle my next book project. It was crazy! So, then I moved on to “Reckoning Day: #MeToo Stories That Empower Women” 


 Why Is No One Talking About Mistakes? By Dawn Jamison Hi Passionate People, I wanted to dedicate this blog to the subject of mistakes mostly because I’ve been getting a lot of questions about my upcoming book. As many of you know, my new book is titled “The 8 Mistakes Women Make” and the #1 question I’ve been getting is: “Why did you write a book on mistakes?” Well, my response is, why not? If you think about it, everyone always wants to talk about winning, success and being the best at everything.  But, it seems to me that we should be spending more time talking about our mistakes and our lessons learned in order to do better the next time. It seriously baffles me that NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT MISTAKES! In this social media era, all anybody wants to post about is what they bought and how they got promoted and how their lives are so fabulous. This is a big pet peeve because we all know that life ain’t always rosy and the bigger point is life CAN’T be that AMAZING all of the time. Don’t you get nauseated by all of the “Look at Me” people you know? I mean really. Like my sister said recently, how about we start seeing some Facebook posts about your sad face on the most challenging days, 
or how about you keep it real about your rough day at work for a change? I wrote “The 8 Mistakes Women Make” to come from a fresh angle than the one we usually hear about. The book highlights emotional traps, toxic people and the bad habits we do, like comparing ourselves to other women. Another mistake I explore is bad habit of thinking too small when it comes to goals.  So, why did I focus on mistakes? Two key reasons: For one, I strongly believe that readers will get more out of a book that explores the real-life negative effects of our daily choices. And two, I focused on mistakes because no one really is right now. I’m tired of talking about the wins and I’d rather talk about the ruts to avoid in order to lead a happy and productive life. So, what about you? Have you taken any time lately to reflect on your most costly mistakes when you look back over the past couple of years? And if you have thought about it, what were your biggest lessons learned? What were your big take-aways that you can share with your friends and family so that they don’t wander down the same path of grief and tribulation? I get that no one is be super interested in talking about mistakes. And I also understand that writing a whole book about mistakes is probably not the most popular thing I could have done. Perhaps me writing about mistakes guaranteed that my book 
WON’T be a best-seller. But hey, my conscious is clear. And at the end of the day, I put my own mistakes out there and talked about some big ones that are troublesome for many women in hopes it helps others AVOID them. So, in closing, make it your homework to really ponder your past mistakes and perhaps, ask someone close to you about their own mistakes. Who knows, maybe you’ll learn something or gain a new perspective. And before I forget, take “My 8 Mistakes Women Make” Quiz to see how you can relate to the themes in the book! Purposely Yours, Dawn


“Do Something Different in 2018”

By Dawn Jamison 

Why Is No One Talking About Mistakes?

By Dawn Jamison

after that! And it didn’t stop there, because I also started knocking out stuff on my do-list at home.  So, if I can encourage you in any way, get started on working toward the goal that you are most passionate about. Then do four things: 1.Write your Goal Down 2. Then write Why This Goal is Meaningful to You. 3. Next Break Down the Steps It’ll Take to Accomplish It. 4. Lastly, Write Down the Actual Date You Think You Can Accomplish It. This isn’t a required step, but it is ideal you put this paper (or poster) somewhere you can see it daily. This blog is all about thinking putting more PURPOSE into everything we are doing and saying. I think there’s room for most of us to pour more INTENTION into our daily tasks. And we should. We should be waking up saying “What do I need to accomplish today?” and “How will I do them?” Now, back to you. What will YOU do differently in 2018? If you haven’t thought about it much, my advice is to start with the end in mind. Pretend we are just a few days away from 2019, and think about what big task you wanted to have behind you. Whatever that is, start with that right now. 
Don’t let 2018 be another year of flapping your gums with no action. Let’s finish some big things! And let’s start out on a path to treat 2018 different than 2017. And, go!